Grants are part of the funding mechanism for the purchase of needed items in the area of technology, textbooks, PE equipment, and other items as requested.

Our grant writer is a SPA Board member and writes grants according to the needs expressed by teachers, students, parents, administrators and SPA members through a “grant application form”. This form explains the guidelines and the criteria for distribution.

Grant requests from parents, teachers, administrators and others made through this process requires a “project description”; “project completion date” along with a “project” budget proposal. This information is reviewed by the SPA Board of Directors. Decisions are made based on the criteria as presented at a regular SPA monthly meeting according to Article 5 Section 2 of the SPA by-laws.

Grant monies are matched with fundraising activities to meet our goals to meet the needs of the students and staff of the Scappoose School District.


Download Grant Application Form

Guiding Principles for Distribution:

• Distribution decisions are made by the Scappoose Parents Association Board of Directors according to bylaws Article 5 Section 2.
• Distributed funds and/or donated items directly supplement or create educational and co-curricular opportunities for K-12 students in the Scappoose School District.

Criteria for fund distribution:

• Funds and/or donated items must be used to benefit the students of Scappoose School District.
• All items purchased by grant funds or items donated to the Association and distributed accordingly, are the property of the Scappoose School District.
• Successful grants address long-term needs of the students; provide opportunities not available without Foundation funding; affect a large number of students; have a detailed budget accounting for the requested funds.

• Please print and fill out the form, and mail (or email) it to the address at the top of this page. A board member will be in touch with you regarding your request. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you.

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PO Box 657
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