About Us The Scappoose Parents Association began in 2003 through a local grassroots effort led by parents, educators and volunteers committed to assisting students within the Sauvie Island, Scappoose and Warren communities.

“State funding for Oregon schools simply isn’t sufficient for the education we believe our children deserve,” says founding member and former Scappoose School Board member Candy Cole. “We started this Foundation to provide supplemental funds that we hope will make a noticeable difference in the classroom and the lives of students.”


Board of Directors President - Kim Boswell

Vice President - Candace Cole

Secretary - Mindy Kramer

Treasurer - Linda Melton

Members - Kelly Carnahan- Lynne Stratton - Tammy Belwood

Staff KidCare Program Manager - Laura Hunsinger

Executive Director (Grants) - Candace Cole

Rose Quarter Food Service Volunteers Co-Coordinator - Tammy Belwood

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PO Box 657
Scappoose, OR 97056


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